We only make money
when you do

Felix lists your home for an agreed upon price. We make up to 6% if we can sell it for more.
This allows us to charge a 0% commission and pay you up to 2% just for listing with us.

We Pay You


Total Earnings


Current Value (Estimate)


Your agent charges you a 6% commission with no guarantee your home will sell. Assuming they don't reduce the price of your home, you'll earn


Your Earnings


Agent Commission


With 0% commission, Felix guarantees you $487,000 and we'll give you up to 2% of it today.
If we can sell it for more, we keep the difference.


Your Earnings

$0 - 29,000

Felix's Earnings

Our promise to you

  • 1

    We only make money when you do.

  • 2

    We'll never low-ball you.

  • 3

    Never any hidden fees.

  • 4

    If we can’t find a buyer in 90-days,
    we’ll buy it ourself.

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