Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy A House In Northport.

April 17, 2018

When you picture what it’s like to live on Long Island, the first thing that may come to mind is:

But in actuality, Long Island is a great place to raise a family, trust me, I grew up here! Northport is a community located on the north shore of Long Island in Suffolk County. It’s a historic village and was initially settled in 1656.

1.) The sunsets are unreal

Northport is located right on the water so the sunsets overlooking Northport Harbor are amazing! Not to mention Northport’s dock which, during the summer, is bustling with kids eating ice cream, and boats pulling up to spend the day.

2.) The beaches are so relaxing

The great thing about living in Northport is that you have access to all of the beaches in the Town of Huntington. Plus, you’re never further than a 10 minute drive to the closest beach.

3.) FOOD! Really, the restaurants are amazing

Northport has a great food scene! It’s also home to Maroni’s, which consistently ranks as one of the top restaurants rated by Zagat each year.

4.) Breweries?

You need something to wash down all the food right? What’s better than a nice refreshing beer? Northport is home to Sand City Brewing Co. which is conveniently located right in Northport Village.

5.) Northport School District

Northport’s school district is great! Northport High School is the only high school in the nation to offer an International Baccalaureate program, two National Academy programs (Finance & Information Technology), more than 20 Advanced Placement courses, a science research program, Project Lead the Way, and a state model law program.

6.) New York City

NYC is conveniently located in Northport’s backyard. This makes weekend trips into the city extremely fun and easy. Simply take the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station which is only about an hour ride.

7.) Northport Village

Northport is known for its Victorian era village which still bears trolley rails from a long since discontinued streetcar which use to transport village residents to the Long Island Rail Road station. The village Main Street runs from the Village Green along the harbor-front and is filled with great restaurants and shopping.

8.) Fun activities…besides the beach

Northport is home to a number of public and private golf courses situated right on the water. The public courses are run by the town as well so they won’t break the bank.

9.) Fishing in the Long Island Sound

During the summer, Northport harbor and the Long Island Sound is filled with boats! You’ll see all sorts of water activities from fishing to water skiing and tubing.

10.) The community

The annual Cow Harbor Day parade really embodies the type of community Northport is. It’s a place where your kids will make lifelong friends. I’ve never seen a place where members of the community really care about each other as much as they do in Northport.

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