Giving homeowners
a guaranteed sale, an upfront cash payment, and an aligned commission structure.

Felix was founded on
three principles:


Compensate homeowners for the risk
they take when listing their home.


The outdated commission model
incentivizes your agent to sell quickly,
not for the highest price.


Homeowners should have the certainty
of a guaranteed sale from day one.

The Felix Story

Felix Homes is the only real estate platform that pays you up to 2% just to list your home! We’ll have 90-days to find a buyer and if we can’t, Felix will buy your home giving you the certainty of a sale from day one.

Also, we don’t believe the traditional commission model does a good job at fetching the highest price so we decided to get rid of it altogether that way, we only make money when you do.


Tyler Forte


Niv Ginat


Prem Hirubalan


Sell your home with confidence

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